Distraction Kills

Now that I’ve finished Game Project Completed, I slowly come back to Nordenfelt. The slowness comes from a lack of motivation. Unfortunately, I paused working on the game while it was in a messy state. Therefore I’m more cleaning up the whole thing than I make progress. This “house work” is boring.

However, today I’ve made some feature tweaks which brought back some enthusiasm. It seems to get better.

A glimpse at the current work...
A glimpse at the current work…

But there is an even bigger enemy than “house work” which kills progress: distraction.

My main side job (sounds strange…) is giving pupils extra lessons in mathematics. Usually, this happens in the evening, when school’s out. This, mixed with my natural preference to work in the afternoon and at night, creates a problem. The math lessons cut the whole day in two parts. Sometimes I have multiple appointments with some hours in between. These days are even more fragmented.

The “money earning interruptions” totally kill the progress of Nordenfelt. Having to leave the house every 2-4 hours each day ruins any workflow.

How to fix that?

Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin my workday in the morning, just like average Joe. It will take some time to adapt my sleep pattern to the night (sounds like dealing with a vampire or something). I can’t remember when it was the last time I got up at 8 am. But it’s necessary to get back the big blocks of uninterrupted work time. Distraction just kills any project.

This will take lots of coffee…


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