... while you are working on your project:

three monkeys


I have a big problem with newly acquired knowledge, regardless if in game programming, design or art. Whenever there are articles or discussions about these topics on the net I have to read them. The problem: afterwards I want to apply the new wisdom (or nonsense) to my game. I feel obliged to do so. Otherwise the game won't be as good as it can/should/must be.

This behaviour is very dangerous. Adapting a running project due to "infiltrating" knowledge will send you into an endless improvement loop.


  • new features seen in other games,
  • fancy graphics your game can't live without,
  • adapting your engine from single- to multi-threading - for the sake of it,
  • optimizing before you face performance problems (I confess myself to PE) or
  • data-drive as much as possible.


It's important to guard your running project from the latest craze and daunting competition influence. The most important purpose of projects is to deliver results. In terms of game development this is the game itself. Started projects are dime a dozen. Finished projects are not. Prevent your game from stalling due to "I need that to" syndrome, also known as feature creep.