Black Golem 2.0

After a long a time away I’m coming back to¬† It was time to update the whole site, especially because it ran on an antique Joomla version. It’s age made it easy for hackers to infested the old site with spam links. I’m curious how hackers get into systems like web servers that easy. If somebody knows some hacker training resources, please leave a note in the comments. Otherwise I’ll have to keep satisfying my curiosity with the hacking simulation Uplink. ūüôā

I have been away from for a long time now because I funneled all my time into my latest book Game Project Completed. The proofread paperbacks arrived today and they look good. So the paperback version will become available within the next 2 days.

Game Project Completed book

Aside from working on¬†Game Project Completed I’ve set up additional, game-unrelated income streams. Back in the end of 2011 I went bankrupt and had to find a day job again. I don’t want to face a depleted bank account any time soon. Therefore I’ve focused my attention on establishing multiple income streams I have full control over. Another reason why¬†did not get any attention during the last few months.

The book¬†Game Project Completed¬†is complete now and I’m coming back to develop¬†Nordenfelt¬†as my main project. During the last years of its history I had this feeling that I had to keep up with the latest shmup designs. Now¬†I’ve decided to ignore the bleeding edge of shmups to avoid the resulting feature creep. Instead I focus on established gameplay of the great shoot ’em ups from the 80s and 90s. It’s very tempting to add new features just because a similar game came up with it recently. Nordenfelt gets developed in a time-frozen environment now.

To put it in a nutshell, welcome (back) to Black Golem and its continued project Nordenfelt.

See you soon.


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