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Why I Quit Making Games

  • January 29, 2016
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The last blog post dates back 13 months. What happened? One word: disillusion. The End Back in December 2014 I released Nordenfelt 1.0. It sold a dozen copies and that was it. Non-game contract work poured into my work time, therefore I had less and less time to promote Nordenfelt. To be true, I barely had a

Nordenfelt Beta Tests Have Started

The first beta version of Nordenfelt, version 0.13, ist out. Now it’s time to call for beta testers! If you want to participate in the beta tests you can either download the demo or get the full game from the sales page. Use any of the following coupon codes to get the game for free: BETAONE7ZHDT BETAONE7NEUH BETAONE4FJJT BETAONE6XCFZ

Black Golem 2.0

Black Golem 2.0

After a long a time away I’m coming back to It was time to update the whole site, especially because it ran on an antique Joomla version. It’s age made it easy for hackers to infested the old site with spam links. I’m curious how hackers get into systems like web servers that easy. If

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