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The Corner Cutting Experiment

September 6, 2014 // Graphics, Nordenfelt, Productivity // No Comments

Nordenfelt’s release date got scheduled to be on December 15th. This means there are only 3 months left. Therefore I boiled down Nordenfelt’s task list as much as possible. Only the most important points on the list survived. Then I applied Parkinson’s law and […]

How to Shrink PNG Files for Websites

August 3, 2011 // Graphics, Tutorial // No Comments

Today website development heavily relies on three image formats: JPG, GIF and PNG. It’s easy to see why: JPG has the best compression ratio, GIF supports animation and PNG has truecolor, full transparency and a good compression ratio. As rules […]

Graphic Style Analysis – Part III

May 21, 2010 // Graphics // No Comments

Part I and part II of the graphic style analysis series explained the major aspects of graphic styles. This third installment should give you a better understanding of the forces behind styles. Visuals are not developed in vacuum. They take […]

Graphic Style Analysis – Part II

May 17, 2010 // Graphics // No Comments

In part I I’ve explained the most obvious aspects of graphic styles in video games. In the second part of this article series I’m going to add some narrower points to the list. They are visible at all but won’t be […]

Graphic Style Analysis – Part I

May 14, 2010 // Graphics // 3 Comments

Discussions on the Internet about differences of graphic styles made me pondering. How can graphic styles be distinguished from each other? The answer to this question is simple: Definition. First we have to define what graphic styles are and what […]

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