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How to Watch Videos Faster

If you’re like me you’re watching plenty of videos online. I don’t mean funny cats clips or fail compilations. What I’m talking about are lengthy videos about game development, politics, self improvement or the like. A while ago I was wondering how I could get faster in watching videos. You may be familiar with clicking through suggested videos

The Corner Cutting Experiment

Nordenfelt’s release date got scheduled to be on December 15th. This means there are only 3 months left. Therefore I boiled down Nordenfelt’s task list as much as possible. Only the most important points on the list survived. Then I applied Parkinson’s law and shrinked the schedule to half its time. This means Nordenfelt should be finished in the end of October.

Do It Badly

Do It Badly

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” In the past, whenever I had to do graphics for Nordenfelt, I wanted to make them super fancy. I spent hours and hours just to make a single sprite as impressive as possible. To be honest: I don’t think it ever worked out. The problem with perfectionism

Resolving a Stalling Task Pipeline

The last 3 weeks of developing Nordenfelt were horrible. It all started with a single task on my Kanban board: “Create phase 2 of final boss” This task demanded some code extensions. Usually coding tasks take a few hours in average. But not this time. Each sub-task of the “phase 2” task expanded into days of

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